Thinking Big


So will the other methods of payment be done by the 17th October so that i dont lose any connection to my Google Home. (Please to keep wife happy):sweat_smile:


I would love to see a feature/additional service like ngrok available as part of Nabu Casa.


Have been using HA Cloud for a while now and very happy with it, however paying with a credit card is a bit of a deal breaker for me. If you would accept PayPal I would happily subscribe.


Everyone decide for them selves. HA will work anyway. Iö will not use the cloud for now, i am not interested in alexa and google anyway but I will contribute anyway


Not sure, just reading the FAQ they said in the future


+1 for paypal - Guys no conceptual problem in paying (although $5 USD is on the high side) but direct credit card with no way to easily remove card is a show stopper.


I believe you can already do this with some automation. Maybe not X uses but you can call the service to delete a user code with a date thrown in.


Same here i wait for remote access without port forwarding, DynDNS and other method.
SSL encrypted connection from my iphone app via cloud to my HA instance


Or maybe add plan option.
For Google/Alexa and remote access - 5$
Remote access - 2$


If you’re using cloud: and don’t subscribe, yes. Just use the Google Assistant component if that’s the case.


I use HA for a short while now and love to use it every time again and again. So I will support all developers, moderators and other contributors by being a paid member. Of course!


Thanks I figured that was an option any differences between using the two other than ‘ease of setup’? Im pretty sure with the component I would need to make HA internet facing, for the api. I have to throw in one more for price too high, I use the assistant really to get around chamberlains myq and while HA devs deserve credit, chamberlain is getting flamed for charging for something that should be free because its advertised on the packaging. I may as well use chamberlain for 1$/month versus 5$/month for the same thing. Plus everything US so add 30% for us north of yall…


Great news. Is there any way to just donate money to the newly founded company?
I don’t want it back and don’t have any expectations what you’re doing with it.


Great plans, happy to have contributed via the cloud subscription!


No Paypal, no contribution from me. To dangerous


I would like to say thank you to all of you in here, i enjoyed the platform and the community for all all their supports and everything. Count me as another subscriber.


I’ve just subscribed, though would prefer to see PayPal.

Very happy to support all of the great work being done here.

At $5 it’s a bargain.


That’s pretty much it. With the google_assistant (or alexa) component you have to put in some work, and have an SSL certificate (like a free one) and refresh it every 3 months or so. Otherwise they function exactly the same.


I just did and it felt good



+1 on paypal