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They have their small fee setup that is very cheap. And credit card brokers that should accept payments from all over the world is not cheap. We used 2 different ones but now we only use paypal it turn out cheaper


It’s a REST API, which means if you can access the URL for HA, the API is available.


@flamingm0e So it’s a real proxy and not just a replication of your setup behind a login, which would be easier to implement and safer since it wouldn’t depend on a probably insecure http_password (which might be solved by the announced long-lived access tokens)?

Do you have any more information on this?


This would be impossible to implement in the cloud. You would have zero access to the physical devices connected to your HA server if this were the case.

Your system can initiate a secure tunnel to your instance in the cloud, which should be just a reverse proxy. That would be the safest and easiest way to implement this idea.


We’re going to initially be proxying the websocket API but make sure that all messages are encrypted and only the browser can decrypt them.

We’ll also planning to add cloud endpoints to send arbitrary data to your instance from Tasker, OwnTracks etc but that’s for after the remote UI.


@balloob Ok, thanks! So @flamingm0e is wrong and we won’t be able to just send a HTTP request with some security header to manipulate states?


Nothing I say should be taken as definitive on this but I have two HA instances running also. the first one I’ve had connected to my cloud account for a couple of months and when I signed in to the cloud account using the same credentials on my second instance I noticed a day or so later that all of my Alexa devices fed from my first instance were showing as “offline”. I signed back out of the second instance and did a rediscover and they all came back “online”.

I don’t know if that was designed that way or just a fluke or glitch in my case but that was my experience, FWIW.


Hello @balloob!

Great stuff, I really like the new path HA is taking, congratulations!

Becoming a cloud subscriber seems to the my next move. I would like to ask you: How does the subscription works with more than one HA instances? I will soon install another RPI on my Office and wonder how this will work for external access, Google Home integration and so on. Can I use the same login credentials to manage two different HA setups?



We don’t currently support multiple instances and I don’t expect it to be supported soon, as it would require some significant refactoring and other things (like remote UI) are more important right now.


take a look at snips its already integrated in HA and is an open source voice assistant that runs on your hardware - for example on a raspberry :wink: haven’t tried it yet but will have to these days. never used an alexa, siri or google assistant - if i want a voice assistant it has to be local and not send any data to the cloud and snips checks those boxes.


I would say PayPal might be cost prohibitive, would you all be happy to pay +3% for PayPal? Counter the horrible fees they charge?

WhAt would be awesome would be to split it into modules you can purchase

Alexa / google - $3
Ssl https - $3
Both - $5

Then you could scale more features slowly and support the cost of them.


Sadly, usability is not one of the primary goals.


Making SSL optional would be really bad. Cloud solutions should never be unencrypted in my opinion.


i really like the cloud service for my amazon echo , and i like to support HA :slight_smile: , but i can not pay for the cloud becouse i do not have a credit card :frowning: hope they will add a new payment method soon


Lots of people in this thread saying about not having credit cards. Is it really just credit cards and not credit/debit cards?



nope only creditcard


What happens if you put a debit card number in? I thought that was the point in all credit and debit cards being provided by Visa and Mastercard, so you can just pay ‘by card’, the retailer shouldn’t know what type of card it is, unless they specifically don’t take credit cards.

I’ve never heard of a place taking credit but not debit, its always the other way around.

Maybe that’s just a UK thing though.


In the Netherlands the debit cards are not provided by Visa/Mastercard. We want to support IBAN transactions but we need to be accepting payments for 2 months before we can start testing it (it’s a rule by Stripe).


Makes a change for the UK system to actually be simpler than elsewhere :smile:


If offering privacy friendly alternatives is really the goal, then ‘user friendliness’ should be high on the to-do list.

Currently you set things up by editing text files. Text files!


While this is is still considered ‘normal’ (and this goes for a lot of projects), the community will continue to only be accessible to geeks. And because of survivorship bias you will hear a lot of “but it’s great really” arguments.

But I asked my mom, and she says it’s not great.