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And if I read that right, it’s to any of 200+ countries.


So what is the next paid third party service that should be implemented for free in HA? I am sure thare are many wishes


It’s not;

any messages sent to non-US phone numbers are charged based on the pricing below and this pricing changes on a regular basis.


I don’t understand the issue with this. This will be my last post.
1st, It’s not free, its $5 a month.
2nd, they have already said that they hope to add new capabilities in the future
3rd, I made a suggestion to add SMS since it is very cheap for these services when purchased in bulk, like they would be doing.
4th, they are already using AWS, so adding this would likely be very easy to add

SMS integration is very standard practice for most HA systems, Smartthings, Hubitat, vera, etc.

Personally I felt like this was a pretty basic request/suggestion. I felt like offering this might bring even more people into the $5 monthly plan. I’m sorry this has turned into a back and forth, filling up this post with lot’s of bickering for really no reason. If you dont like the idea, then move on. I’d think that the they would appreciate suggestions, even ones that they may or may not implement, but maybe I’m wrong.

Good day


I stand corrected, the pricing was for US.


i think it would be expensive to send to other countries, looking at the aws chart posted earlier for example it $0.12 to send to New zealand. thats not many in a month for $5


Exactly and for example a country like Netherlands it will even cost $0.135 while prices change.


Please consider adding paypal as a payment method for subscription.


I think this is a much better idea :wink:


On the FAQ page they mention in the future adding additional payment methods

We have to remember this is early days for the service


tomorrow is the future.

Paypal is easier for many of us and it’s easy to setup.


+1 for paypal. I don’t even use HA Cloud but I’d like to support the devs.

With respect: I would love for your privacy commitments to be more explicit. I understand that a statement such as “we will never share your data with anyone under any circumstances” might be a little short-sighted given the rapid evolution of the product and the market. But I think a statement such as the following would be nice:

Any new external dependencies (for new features or whatever) will be OPT-IN, and the information that we are required to share with our external dependency will be clearly spelled out


Of course, if you don’t want to pay you can always continue to use solutions such as haaska. There is more work involved in setting it up but that is the reason that HA Cloud is so easy, right? You’re paying for convenience.

Personally, I feel that this is the best way to go. I really respect the decision to not sell ads and keep everything consistent.


Will the remote access only cover the website or will it enable the full API for integration with tasker etc?

(And 5$ is quite a lot considering I don’t care about voice assistants. A 3$ tier would make this a real alternative to messing around with ddns and certificates).


What about the development (or continued integration) of locally run voice assistants? I’ve googled, a few exist and I’d like to try them out, but they all directly interfere with Nabu Casa’s business model (since the main added value of HA Cloud is the integration of the voice assistants on mobile phones - although others are listed to arrive in the near future). This principle is also true for other functionality that could be local (with a few hardware resources), but is already offered by HA Cloud. Conflicts of interest will occur I think.

However, I fully support the principles mentioned in the blog post, and am also considering a subscription just to ensure a healthy development.

+1 for PayPal.


Just to say I think the $5/month is reasonable for the features offered so have no issue with this.
One question though is that can you have multiple instances of HA running with the same cloud account? I have two instances running currently, although only have one cloud connected at the moment but would like to know if I can add the second in the future if required?


I signed up. I won’t be using any of the cloud features at this time. This is more about giving back to the dev community and helping ensure that HA remains as private as possible. When you think about it the average medium size drink at Starbucks is $4.10 us. Skip your Pumpkin Spice Mocha Latte one day each month and you’ve almost paid for your subscription.


Paypal must be the easiest to implement. And can handle credit cards also. No need for a credit card broker


probably, but not my monkey not my circus. I have a paypal debit card so I just used it. That way it’s going through paypal anyway.


Well, PayPal is not known for their super low transaction fees. Doing credit card charges over them will cost much more than using a dedicated provider.