Thinnest zigbee switch module for wall mounted light switch with electrical plug

have you got any suggestion for the smallest / Thinnest zigbee switch module to put behind a light switch inside the wall.
I purchased the Aqara Single switch module T1 but the model is too thick (20mm) and I can’t put it behind the switch which include a plug. Unfortunately there is not enough space.
Any good suggestion ?
Thanks for your appreciated advise.

We need to know, where you live, so the format of your hardware becomes clear. There are big differences between country’s in design…

Hello @BebeMischa, sur, I live in Switzerland.

I believe at this time most switch are very similar in tickness. There are several option which is shelly, tuya and sonoff as far as I know… But there might be some OEM product

Had same problem and in the end solved it by drilling + chiselling larger and deeper holes for retrofit.

There are one/two/multi-gang flush mounted junction box inserts purposely made for retrofitting.

As a huge bonus to RF signals new boxes are made of plastic while my old boxes as made of metal.

Personally recommend using “forstner drill bit” if have solid wood walls, or otherwise use a tiger saw.

There is a multitude of electrical junction box inserts in various sizes and depths, see examples:

Thanks for your answer @KingRichard and @Hedda. I finally got inspired by @Hedda drilling solution but did it slightly differently. I noticed that I could gain the 5mm that I needed by cutting a portion of the switch without damaging the device. Everything is fine now :slight_smile:
Thanks for your kind assistance

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For the record, typical AliExpress modules are 20mm thick, some (“Girier”) going to 18mm.
Then, there’s Ubisys Circuit breaker S2 that is only 12mm thick. That is a hard target to beat, however

  • It compensates with a price (100 EUR, some CHF less)
  • Part of tthe secret is that it does not have screw connectors but 6 wires that need to be connected elsewhere, which again requires space.

But, when you stand with a 1-2 mm gap between the switch and the wall, these extra 6mm look prmissing.

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There might sometimes also be an option to place the module in another connected junction box or in the lamp crown (e.g. the ceiling) instead of behind the wall switch and only pull more of the wires to it.