THIRDREALITY ZigBee Smart Button - Unreliable Configuration?

Great brand and great little button. Home Assistant sees it immediately and when setting up an automation. HA sees the single button press, double button press and long button press.

I have the single button press setup as ‘toggle’ my two zigbee switch (lamps).

When I press the button, it works immediately; however, the ‘cool down time’ until the device or automation seems to be ready is approximately 60 seconds; therefore, I cannot turn on and turn off between that time.

Any suggestions?

Link to the device in question:

THIRDREALITY ZigBee Smart Button, 3-Way Remote Control, Require Zigbee hub, Work With SmartThings, Aeotec, Hubitat, Home Assistant, Third Reality Hub, Battery Included.

I have this same device but not seeing that issue.

What is the lqi to the device?

LQI is 255

How did you set it up?

i used zha for my controller (i don’t think this matters)

and i currently am using a blueprint:

alias: zigbee foyer remote
description: ""
  path: Wonko/zha-thirdreality-single-button-zigbee-remote-model-3rsb22bz.yaml
      - service: light.toggle
        metadata: {}
        data: {}
            - light.pendants
            - light.sconces_2
    remote: 0c352c29b1ebbd275053cd12d48dcd75

i did it by hand before. didn’t see your delay in either method.

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Much appreciated, this blueprint works perfectly now !