This is how i installed on ubuntu with docker / portainer via ssh


the hassio install script fails to connect with the docker daemon after:

[info] Install supervisor Docker container

Anyone have any ideas why?


Sounds like it failed to install the supervisor docker. Did you run the command as root user?

You need to go sudo -s
If the command prompt ends in $ you are not root. Root ends in #.


After a failed HASSIO upgrade from 0.85 to 0.85.1 (was working perfectly in 0.85, pressing 0.85.1 update button innside HASS disconnected the client but nothing happened) I started to reinstall all and followed the instructions by the letter, but the container homeassistant does not install. Sorry for cross postiung, but I am a bit opf panick, wish to get it up and running

[email protected]:~# curl -sL | bash -s -- -m intel-nuc
[Info] Install supervisor Docker container
[Info] Install supervisor startup scripts
[Info] Install AppArmor scripts
[Info] Run
[email protected]:~# ^C
[email protected]:~# docker ps
CONTAINER ID        IMAGE                 COMMAND             CREATED             STATUS              PORTS                    NAMES
ee3e859e25a2        portainer/portainer   "/portainer"        4 minutes ago       Up 4 minutes>9000/tcp   suspicious_albattani
[email protected]:~#


After few minutes (doing nothing) also portainer disappeared …??

[email protected]:~# docker ps
CONTAINER ID        IMAGE               COMMAND             CREATED             STATUS              PORTS               NAMES
[email protected]:~#


I think that script is not for re installing.
I think you ctrl+c out of the script before it finished.


thanks for noting, but no, it was just a bad copy/paste, in reality I did not do CTRL C


Great tutorial, now I have just one question. If I install Samba Add-on, everything goes ok, but what if I want to have access to the Hard Drive of my Ubuntu PC? How can I set up a samba share to both?

Sorry for the noob question


I’m not sure if the samba supports sharing other directories.

An option might be too disable samba share add-on then configure samba share in the host os.

The directory is


I think I will go that way. disabling the add-on and setup the directory. Thanks! didn’t know what directory was.


Thanks for the reply.

All commands were executed as root. Its obviously something to do with the fact I am using the windows 10 Ubuntu app. There are limitations to the app, such as no systemd. Is there any system dependencies you can think of that would cause the supervisor docker install to fail?

What steps would I need to take to erase my failed attempt and make a fresh attempt at rerunning the installation steps?