This Smart water pump there is integration with ha?

hello, I want to take care about my plants , I bought and using Xioami MIflora but now I want water system, I found this product , its looks like ewelink app but im not sure, someone know if I can integrate It with HA?
this is the product

It states that the app is ewelink.
Ewelink seems to be somewhat possible to integrate, but if that goes for that pump too is hard to know.
Try to ask on the integrations github page.

There’s no info on that Ewelink compat list (while there’s a strong focus on Sonoff there, and it doesn’t seem the app allows devices other than light-related or hubs), and currently the product description lists Tuya - which is just terrible for more specific devices… I had serious issues even with a ceiling fan.
That said, I also have a pet feeder which is pretty standard - it has a number entity, and any set command to it will make it dispense that amount of food portions. If this water pump works the same way, you can create automations on it.

Bottom line: it might work wonders, or might s**k big time.

I have it 2 years and its works very well

Ohhh nice, then! How does it work, after all? Through Tuya, or Ewelink? I scoured both integrations for compatibility lists and found no water pump whatsoever. Could you share more details on its model, features and how it works with HA?

I would also suggest to mark your response as a solution, so it’s easier for others (like me) googling around to understand the possibilities :slight_smile:

Yes, it’s really cool, there are 2 integrations for SONOFF devices, one through HACS and one officially, as soon as I connected the product to the eWelink application it interfaced directly to HA, there is an option to run one pump or 2 pumps, it works really nice, I work with MiFlora To measure data from the plant and then there is automation that waters the plant by itself through the system we are talking about

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I have a few problems with this pump and ewelink app…
I can connect the pump to my wifi but after it says "success "
But after that the app says it’s offline and keep blinking slow… any ideas??