"This will note change any configuration that is currently using these entities"

So I switched one of my IoT devices from using a different automation. After painstakingly changing everything over I realized I had a typo on the name (oops).

So naturally I went to rename it. Then, I was greeted by a message that states

Do you also want to rename the entity IDs of your entities?
This will not change any configuration (like automation, scripts, scenes, dashboards) that is currently using these entities! You will have to update them yourself to use the new entity IDs!

I answered “no”, because I don’t want to run down 10+ places where the entity ID is referenced.

I’m just wondering why this is a thing - obviously, home assistant knows everywhere I’ve referenced these entity IDs (I can see the various scenes, automation etc relationships when I drill into it in the device under Integrations), so why can’t it just update it for me on the fly?

Luckily, the entity IDs aren’t really shown anywhere and I can just use the “Name” field to identify whatever I’m looking at / working with so this is not a big deal but would be a “nice to have”.

So does search and replace :slight_smile:

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