Thoughts on new August Wi-Fi lock?

So anyone have any thoughts on the newer smaller August Wi-Fi smart lock? I’m a bit turned off that it doesn’t support Z-Wave and can’t be added to my Z-Wave network. It’s smaller though so more interested now. Can this model still be integrated into HA? Their marketing info says it doesn’t “require” a hub.

It doesn’t need a hub because it has wifi built in. You should be able to add it using the August integration. I’m considering purchasing it as well.

That one can only be integrated via the August cloud API.
I have had some issues with their API, where they sometimes incorrectly report the lock as unlocked, when it was not in fact.

Also since the cloud integration is polling, the states show up much slower than the z wave integration.

Figured that would be the case. Guessing this was to make the product compatible with more people and not rely on something like Z-Wave but makes it less viable to me. I try to avoid cloud integrations if for no other reason it complicates things and causes hiccups.