Thousands of requests to

Why does HA check for updates so frequently? Or is something going on?

In a 30 or so day period my DNS server shows over 100k requests to That is over 10% of my total requests for the period.

Why would it need check for updates that frequently? Is there way to throttle this? Is there something else going?


For me the same question: Why is HA polling every 5 minutes for an update? Is there a configuration to set that to eg. once every hour or day?


did you find any solutions?

Nope, I wish it was a config item you could customize.

Same here! It’s very weird. I can block it in Pihole but I dont know if that’ll break something or not

A lot of people have reported this. It’s a well known issue.

It’s by design. Apparently the devs consider this a feature for some weird reason. You can’t change it unless you install a version of HA without the supervisor.

Github issue about it (one of several).

If you block it you can run into even worse problems because of another bug in the DNS configuration, which is also considered a feature / non-issue by the devs. See this issue, or many other similar ones.

Possible solutions are to either ignore the ridiculous amount of version / online checks or to install a version of HA without the supervisor.

I don’t get how this is a feature? Isn’t HA all about freedom to remove your devices from the cloud, HA shouldn’t be this depended on the internet and phoning “home”.

It is easily in the top of my pihole list.