Thread: transfer devices to other thread network without deleting&recreating in HA?

Is there any way to transfer HomeKit thread devices from one network to another? I have about 20 devices running on OTBR/SkyConnect and am considering transferring them to my Apple HomePod Mini thread network. The reason: I want to be able to access the devices from the vendor apps on my iPhone to e.g. update the firmware or adjust settings that are not exposed to HA via the HomeKit integration.

I do not want to delete the devices from HA, add them to Apple Home, then readd them as new devices to HA, because that will probably mess with all blueprints, automations etc. – I’m looking for a seamless transfer while keeping the devices in HA. I don’t have time nor nerves for recreating/adjusting dozens of blueprints/automations/… just because HA thinks these devices are “new” and not just the already existing devices just exposed via a different thread network.