Three dots menu on dashboard gone, can't refresh after yaml changes

Updated to 2023.8.3 and since lost the three dots menu when viewing my dashboard via browser.
If I make changes to the yaml I need to use the “Refresh” method to see the changes I have done.

Using Minimalist and Mushroom, but even on the old GUI dashboards I have, the three dots have disappeared.

Anyone has this too? Or has a fix?

Hi y’all!

I’m running the following versions:

  • CORE2024.1.2
  • SUPERVISOR2023.12.0
  • FRONTEND20240104.0

I’m also using the LCARS Frontend. Since yesterday, the time and the 3 dot menu in the Overview are missing - it just states, “UNKNOWN”.

Is there a fix or a work-a-round for this? Thanks so much!

I found the issue. In the LCARS instructions, I forgot to add the following into the Config YAML file…

Example configuration.yaml entry


  • platform: time_date
    • ‘time’
    • ‘date’
    • ‘date_time’
    • ‘date_time_utc’
    • ‘date_time_iso’
    • ‘time_date’
    • ‘time_utc’
    • ‘beat’

That worked!