Three smart bulbs in a group: Can I get the default 'dynamic bulb' icon to work?

I have a lamp that uses three smart bulbs. To me, it is one light and should be treated as such. The only way I know to keep them as one entity in HA is to use a group. Sadly, in this scenario, I lose the color changing bulb icon that all my other lights have. Is there a way to make HA use that dynamic icon for a group? Thanks!

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Somewhat related to

I made a change in there that at least gets the icon to show as on/off but a further improvement to this would be to also use the color of the lights contained within the group if they exist.



I do have various lamps with more then one bulb (the bulbs are soooo dim ((( ); a command that groups the bulbs as if they where one is needed

How did you get the group icon to change when the group is on or off? This is a feature Iā€™d like to use for my grouped items, if possible.

Would be really cool to have this functionality someday :+1:

Of course you can also use a custom switch or the Tradfri groups for a dynamic icon. But unfortunately, with that method, there is no way to control the light temperature or light color anymore, as you can with Nested Groups by Homeassistant.