Three way with insteon plm dimmers


Is there any way to merge two insteon dimmers together without losing the brightness feature?

The particularity with insteon protocol is that only the “master” dimmer will notify his state to the plm.
The problem is explained in openhab documentation.


I’ve not worked with Insteon at all so I might just be talking nonsense here, but could you just run the two devices as independent devices (skipping the Insteon linking process) and let Hass automations do the work for you?

I already tried, but I lost the dimmer functionality. I specified insteon becasue this is the dimmers that I have but I think this can be applied to all dimmers in three way configuration.

Have you tried putting them into a group? I put my two insteon devices into a group and when I click on the group in the interface and use the dimming slider they both dim.