Tibber binary sensor when to charge car

I am wondering if it would be possible to add to the tibber integration a binary sensor or something that is being set to on when tibber suggest it should be starting to charge the car. This is because i have a car today that is not supported by tibber and the same with the charger. I can control my charger from home assistant so it would be easy for me to create an automation to turn that on the that new tibber switch is set to on.

@Danielhiversen saw that you have been involved in this component, what is your thoughts? :slight_smile:


Not possible today.
Tibber would need to know soc, charging power and departure time.

What about a switch to flip when the pricing is “in the green” ? Since this is a value set by Tibber in relation to the actual days pricing statistics, it would be difficult for us to make a logic based on it, but it’s already defined in the app.
Making this available would make it a lot easier to create logic to control things like charging through HA. I already have several switches(including 2 that control the cars chargers) i can use with this type of setup but really need the input from Tibber to make it work autonomously.

The prices are already categorized as Expensive, Cheap, Normal,… Tibber Developer

This is available in Home Assistant, but I do not think it is a good idea to use for charging.

Thank you for quick reply.
I only see energy pricing as currently is(1 device/1 entity)… How would i go about getting access to more information?
Do keep in mind I’m not a developer and that page you linked me to doesn’t make much sense to me…

You find it as an attribute to your price sensor

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Thank you :slight_smile: