Tibber - How to get 500 NOK/SEK with a referral

Tibber is an electricity provider that charges you per hour on the actual nordpool price.
Which means you can automate your home to be using energy during the night when it’s basicly free and save a lot of money.

If you register with this code you will get 500 NOK/SEK in their online shop to buy home automation products, like Philips hue, homey and so on.
I love the service and I can recommend it enough for people wanting to save money the coming winter.

Use this code to get money when you sign up for Tibber

Is this a referral scheme that you will benefit from?

If so, you should disclose that.

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Of course.
Yea anyone registering with this code will get €50/500NOK/500SEK, and so will I to use in the Tibber Store.