Tibber PriceLevel and HomeKit

I would like to start out by saying that I’m complete noob with Home Assistant so please be gentle.

I have the Tibber integration in my Home Assistant and while it does work wonderfully there are couple of things that I would like to figure out how to do that I don’t seem to be able to wrap my head around:

  1. PriceLevel seems to be missing from the Tibber Integration

  2. How to create a virtual device in HA that I can then expose to my HomeKit setup and use the virtual device’s value as a Condition in HomeKit automation.

Tibber have a property(?) in their API called PriceLevel that seems to be missing form the Home Assistant integration. I would like to create an Automation in Home Assistant that reads the PriceLevel value and takes action on the virtual device that I expose to HomeKit. From my reading of these forums it seems that you are supposed to be able to turn off a virtual Home Assistant device that then shows up as a switch in HomeKit, that I can then use as a condition, but my fiddling with “the configuration.yaml” either gives my syntax errors or a virtual device that seems to disappear from the .yaml after a few hours, even though it survives in HA (again: I’m a noob).

Assuming that I’ll be able to figure out how to do the HomeKit integration from the other topics, how would I go about adding the PriceLevel as an entity and then creating an Automation based on that entity?