Tibber prices on energy dashboard

I have configured the Tibber sensor.electricity_price_{street} to be used for the import prices in the energy dashboard.

But on the dashboard it always shows as ‘€ 0,00’, I cannot seem to find out why this happens; is this a bug or configuration issue? The sensor works correctly and gives data.

I used Tibber import and export prices; and that was a month without costs; it always showerd ‘0’ since I changed this to P1 Meter (homewizard) it seems to be picked up now! The image was using Tibber to get the usage data however that seemed to not work correctly; had issues because once something went wrong it got ‘0’ as value and you’ll get suddenly jumps of 80kwh for example. So just before I took this image I switched to P1 meter and it seems this resolved itself (or it was an update however the prices started showing on the 7th )