Tibber Pulse - no negative values?

since a couple of days i have a tibber pulse. Additional i have a small PV (0,8Wh).

I expect some negative values of we get some sun (not so often at the moment). The graph gos down to zero, thats it. Also the Pulse-Counter in thge native tibber intergration goes only to 0, not below.
My power meter in the cellar and also Tibbe App show negative values.

Is it possible that the Tibber API doesent sent negative values?

Update: Can only post one image.
So. Thats Tibber-App → https://s20.directupload.net/images/240306/khvrawkw.jpg
My power meter in the basement also show negative values (example fron last year) → https://s20.directupload.net/images/240306/hhruwhgw.jpg

Hello J2C,
I have the same issue. It seems as if the values below “0” are cut off somehow.
Due to this I cannot use the tibber integration properly for the “Energy” card.

it is not possible to calculate the total consumption if you have a solar station in parallel. We woudl need to know how much is sent back to the grid (neg values).

B r, cal