Tibber - Schedul prices upcoming 24 hours prices!


How are the device and entity IDs formed? Which were converted to cryptic numbers from your automation?

Could you please explain that?

I have a senec battery-system. The integration for that gives me a switch that turns on or off manuell loading from grid. Device-entity and entity_id are from the automation-editor in Home Assistant for that switch.


Something doesn’t seem to be 100% right with my configuration, because I don’t get any correct data in the “history”.

Do you have an idea?


The other values are all right.

Has the forward prices been removed or moved to another entity?

Do you have LTS-data in the normal ha-history view for that enttiy?

I found the error. It was a copy paste transmission error.

Now I’ve made everything work…
…Except for a statistics graph.

Why does “TODAY COSTS” permanently load?
Did I create any utility meter incorrectly?

“tibber kosten daily” doesn’t record anything either…

All other statistics “week, month, year” are running