Tibber - Schedul prices upcoming 24 hours prices!

Maybe it is not available by the API but it would be more interesting and useful for automation to know upcoming hours KWh pricing rather than historical, however one doesn’t exclude the other I guess!? :slight_smile:


Hi Boheme61, deleted reply by mistake maybe?

Now I saw your deleted reply, "depending on HA version and/or Tibber integration version.

I am running latest HA 2.2.6, however Tibber plug-in I tried to find a version indicator but failed.

Checking Documentation page for Tibber plug-in do not indicate future price feature?


As you might know, Tibber is no longer a “Custom-Component” , if you read the arguments/discussions up to the decision to include Tibber in the Default HA core, you might understand the reason why “Future statistics” is not included in default Tibber-integration … there are also other ways to get “future prices” but as all, everything comes with a “price” (Usage !) … you could take a look at Nordpool integration ( Also a custom integration !)

The Tibber integration has never been a custom component.

Home Assistant does not support future values very well today, https://github.com/home-assistant/architecture/discussions/667

https://github.com/Danielhiversen/home_assistant_tibber_custom is a possible option to display future prices

upps , sorry bout that, was just my thought, when i was reading about it, and the argumentation to get it into HA, i just started with HA in October last year, and i fully understand, that HA not currently support future values well, i did however looked into your camera.py “custom-tibber component” and managed to get out a 48 hour view ( for awhile :slight_smile: … im not so familiar with .py and the underlying HA core … anyways, “estimated prices” might be a good indicator, but nothing i would entirely depend on , so i would prefer an automation, to heat my tanks ( i.e as i have the option to power on 2KW-5KW-9KW heaters, so if price goes below a certain X, i start with 2, if it goes even further below X i “release” 5, and then 9, if needed, then ofcause there can be exceptions, where you just need to heat up, regardless of price :slight_smile: ( if you didnt get enough, during low-price-time …

ok, i haven’t read /667 before, didn’t know that it is “more than” an estimation, here in sweden , so wouldn’t it be possible to “extract” these time/prices into a static “table” (updated frequently) , and then read from this table (cording to “values” decided in checkbox/string automation) … sorry for my “programming language” :slight_smile:
well anyway, im still waiting for EON to change “Meter” here, then i guess i just go for Tibber-Pulse, and see how an automate should look like then, thou still “future prices” should probably be dealt with in and additional/separate integration anyway

@Danielhiversen … I guess this is due to the fact that “tomorrows” prices are available after the “bidding’s” ends at 12AM …

so my thought was … if it’s possible using command line sensor

  - platform: command_line
    command: python3 -c "import requests; print(requests.get('http://remote-host/sensor_data.txt').text)"
    name: File value

… but the “external” file is actually local “tomorrow’s price” converted to .txt or .csv … i dont know how the "tomorrow’s prices are exposed to HA, but it seems like it’s within the “default tibber” entity, correct me if im wrong, so instead of showing(storing this) due to usage or other issues/limitations in HA, one could “extract” this to a file(static table, that gets “updated/overwritten” when a new “tomorrow’s price” is available ) and then read from there, when creating an automation … am im out of my mind, or just wishful ? :slight_smile:

The prices are already in memory of Home Assistant (if you use the Tibber integration).
Today they are not available for automation.

Here is how you can find the prices:

I do all my automations in Python the same way.

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ah ok, cool , thou i need to “read up” in regards to python … im an old-school microsoft-system-admin :slight_smile: , thou i can analyze various scripts, but im no programmer, in dept :), and yes i use Tibber integration, Thanks alot for this … i will look more into this, and see what i can figure out, thx … i did see some others creating .json files from external data, but if/when it already in HA memory, might be easyer

Upps, just saw that my met.no have changed ?, hmm … missing the 2 secondary_info_attributes in 1st, and showing state_header in 2nd … must have been tired, or just ordinary messed up in my head, last time i was playing around there :slight_smile:

I got this graph with the use of apex graphs and node red. I can post my solution if anyone is interested

Please do! @philsson