Tile Card - Invert feature for cover

Hi all,

I‘m using a Shelly 2,5 to operate the whitescreen mounted under my livingroom’s ceiling. From a logic point of view it is:

closed when is is full up
open when it‘s fully down.

This contradicts the logic of the details page on the tile card for a cover. it would be great if a Boolean option (invert logic) could be implemented that helps to make the card play nice even in these edge scenarios.

Hello everyone,

Tile Card is a great update

But there is small problem :slight_smile:
In my case, I have a Shelly 2.5 that drives the awning and the logic is reversed than with blinds

@Kugelfang described it well
When it is closed, the awning is up
When it is open, the awning is 100% down

We are kindly asking the author of Tile Card to add an inverse function in the case of awnings and similar devices that have the reverse logic of blinds.

Absolutely needed invert feature for covers…


this would be great for a awning. Could also be a new feature for the tile card which could be called “cover-position-reverse” or similar.