Tile card should support color temperature for lights

Many lights from the Hue integration (and I guess similar ones) support setting the color temperature of the light.

I was checking the Tile card and the available features when I add one for a hue light, but I only get brightness. It would be great if we could also set the colour temperature as a feature of the tile card.

for reference:

and the Tile card

Spent few days checking configuration and thinking what I am doing wrong that color temperature does not appear under Features as it was obvious to me that it should be possible. What a surprise that it was not in scope for Tile card so far.

Agree, would be a great feature! For now, it appears that custom-slider-card is the only option to control light color temperature with a slider, and it’s pretty buggy when used in that manner.

Sample YAML:

type: custom:slider-button-card
entity: light.office_smart_bulbs
  direction: top-bottom
  background: gradient
  use_state_color: true
  attribute: color_temp
  mode: toggle

It seems that “top-bottom” direction mitigates some of the bugginess.

This would be great!

Indeed would be great! And there is actually already a pull-request with exactly this feature waiting to be merged into the next version of Home Assistant (since Dec 10 :slight_smile: ): Add new light temperature control on tile card by wjtje · Pull Request #14697 · home-assistant/frontend · GitHub