Tile integration not compatible with accounts using Tile Lost and Found Labels

In the last many months Tile has began offering a new product called Lost and Found Labels. There are essentially stickers with QR codes that when found, can be scanned and will help the person who found the item contact the owner. I received some of these for free in some recent Tile orders and added them to my account.

Since adding some Lost and Found Labels to my Tile account the Tile integration in Home Assistant will no longer work. I receive an error: “Retrying setup: Error during integration setup” any time the integration attempts to load.

I have done additional testing with this on a fresh Tile account and confirmed this is indeed caused by having any Lost and Found Labels on the Tile account.

Both the Tile HA integration and pytile itself seem to be affected by this issue. I have raised a bug report at the pytile GitHub (412 'Precondition Failed' · Issue #126 · bachya/pytile · GitHub) but wanted to also leave a note here for others who might run into this issue and be confused as I was tracking this problem down.