TileBoard - New dashboard for Homeassistant


Sorted, it was the fact I didn’t have an else statement to reset the animation to none in my styles.


  if (entity.attributes["Battery Level"] > 20 && entity.attributes["Battery Level"] < 40) {
    return {
      'animation': 'warning 4s linear infinite',
  if (entity.attributes["Battery Level"] <= 20) {
    return {
      'animation': 'alert 4s linear infinite',
  } else {
    return {
      'animation': 'none',


could anyone explain with an example how to make a tile flash based on the value in it? (e.g. temperature below 18 degrees centrigrade)


This did the trick, I thank you for your reply


how did you solve it?


bg: function () {
if (this.parseFieldValue(’&media_player.marantz_sr6010.attributes.source’) == ‘Sky’) {
return ‘/local/skyacc.png’;
} else {
return ‘/local/sky.png’;

why the image of bg change only if I reload the page?

I tried to add also:

value: ‘&media_player.marantz_sr6010.attributes.source’,

but always with the same result


Check out post 1949 in this topic


Hi all! Is there a possibility to use the window.hideScreensaver() function with MQTT? I have a motion sensor in HA which would stop the screensaver. Thanks in advance!


how can I display a timer countdown? in home assistant I have a badge that displays it.
I have used type.sensor but can only see the idle or active status


Yes, the following should work. You’d have to use an automation, whether that be YAML, AppDaemon, or Node-Red, to fire an event with the event_type of tileboard and the command of hide_screensaver when motion is triggered. Then, in the events section of config.js, add the following:

	command: 'hide_screensaver',
	action: function(e) {


Thanks @apop! I had to add in the brackets after the window.hideScreensaver; to work, so now it reads this window.hideScreensaver();. But other than that works like a charm, thanks again!


Oops - typed a little too fast and forgot the parenthesis. Glad it worked otherwise, though! I’ll go back and update my original reply too in case anyone comes across this in the future.


I don’t have any timers set up in Home Assistant anymore, but I believe the value you need to expose to the tile is the “remaining” attribute instead of the state, which will just show if it’s active or idle. You can confirm the exact attribute name by looking up the timer in the states developer tool. Once you have this, try including the following in that tile’s definition:

value: '&timer.timer_name.attributes.remaining'


a small step forward, now I see the remaining time but not the countdown. example for a 1 minute countdown, idle state = 0:00:00. when I turn on the timer I see: 0:01:00, but not the countdown


Can you post your configuration for the badge in Lovelace? Is it a template sensor?



it’s only a simple timer


I have released an updated version of my AppDaemon helper script for TileBoard. This new version contains a breaking change to the auto-screensaver functionality, so check the readme before using it. I also added a new optional function that will schedule TileBoard to refresh at 3am daily. If you have suggestions for other helper functions, I’d be happy to consider them!


So that badge actually counts down in real time? I’d probably have to defer to someone else who uses a timer in their configuration, unfortunately.


I have read README.md I am testing “via” browser, it seems to be much more stable than fully


Hi All, new here and in the middle of a steep learning curve.
reason for jumping on Hassio is TileBoard, love the look and flexibility but I am, by no means, a JavaScript specialist and hope someone can give me push in the right direction:

I have a garbage collector sensor configured that gives me an output in long date format e.g. “2019-03-26T00:00:00”
I’ve set up a tile in TB:
position: [0, 0],
width: 2,
id: {}, // using empty object for an unknown id
state: false, // disable state element
list: [
title: ‘Plastic’,
icon: ‘mdi-sync’,
value: ‘&sensor.rova_plastic.state’,
unit: ‘’

The states of this sensor is very rudimentary:
friendly_name: Rova_plastic
icon: mdi:recycle
device_class: timestamp

My goal is to have the long date replaced by ‘weekdays’ if it is occurring this week, or ‘in x weeks’ if event takes place later to get a minimalistic tile: only type of waste and “tuesday” would be great

Do I start in Hassio or can this be set up in TileBoard.?
Appreciate your guidance .


Hi, I’m looking to use an NGINX SSL proxy with tileboard, I’ve install the official NGINX addon, what values are needed in Tileboard’s serverUrl and wsUrl fields?

EDIT: found the problem, wsUrl: needs to start with wss:// when using SSL, it’s working over NGINX now :slight_smile: