TileBoard - New dashboard for Homeassistant

I’m sure that people will appreciate the change.

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Just a follow up with my config. It works like I wanted thanks to you guys.

Here’s my code if it can help someone else using Accuweather (but as I said previously, the icons code are not all exact yet as I’m not done with it.)

   position: [0, 1],
   width: 3,
   height: 2,
   title: '',
   id: {},
   state: false,
   icons: {
      'sunny': 'clear',
      'clear-night': 'nt-clear',
      'cloudy': 'cloudy',
      'exceptional': 'unknown',
      'fog': 'fog',
      'hail': 'sleet',
      'lightning': 'chancestorms',
      'lightning-rainy': 'tstorms',
      'partlycloudy': 'partlycloudy',
      'partly-cloudy-night': 'nt-partlycloudy',
      'rainy': 'rain',
      'snowy': 'snow',
      'snowy-rainy': 'sleet',
      'wind': 'unknown',
      'windy': 'unknown',
      'windy-variant': 'unknown'
   hideHeader: false,
   primaryTitle: 'Température',
   secondaryTitle: 'Vent',
   list: [0,1,2,3,4].map(function (id) {
      var ENTITY_ID = 'weather.accuweather'
      return {
         date: function () {
            var entityState = this.states[ENTITY_ID];
              return new Date(entityState.attributes.forecast[id].datetime).toLocaleString('fr-FR', {
                weekday: 'long',
                month: 'long', 
                day: 'numeric'
         icon: function () {
            var entityState = this.states[ENTITY_ID];
            return entityState.attributes.forecast[id].condition
         // iconImage: null,  // replace icon with image
         primary: function () {
            var entityState = this.states[ENTITY_ID];
            var forecast = entityState.attributes.forecast[id]
            return forecast.templow + ' - ' + forecast.temperature + ' °C'
         secondary: function () {
            var entityState = this.states[ENTITY_ID];
            var forecast = entityState.attributes.forecast[id]

            // Wind speed. Convert m/s to km/h.
            return Number.parseInt(forecast.wind_speed) + ' km/h'
            // Or if you prefer precipitation
            // return (forecast.precipitation || 0) + ' mm'


If I can ask an other one, is there an easy way to add an other column? Like if I wanted to add Wind AND precipitation?

This is the PR https://github.com/resoai/TileBoard/pull/696.

Once it’s integrated, you can control the formatting of the date using the dateFormat tile property according to the https://docs.angularjs.org/api/ng/filter/date

The default format is MMM d which shows up as “Short month name + month day number”. If you’ll want to include a weekday name also, you’ll want to prefix that with EEEE (long weekday name) or EEE (short weekday name).

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Thanks for sharing the config!

Anybody can tell me how how can I check the config of OpenWeatherMap? Mainly the lat/lon settings.
I installed the integration and have not used the yaml config.

Sometimes I find the weater forecast not accordingly.

It looks great. What kind of integration are you using ?

I’m not using any :slight_smile: Only REST and template sensors.

probably you have some for Bulb ? :upside_down_face:

I’ve never been with Bulb but if they have similar API than I see no problems doing the same. Octopus have been great so far!

UPDATE: Nope, Bulb has no public API. I can give you my referral link to join Octopus and you’ll get £50 credit for joining.

just switched to Bulb from my previous provider (2 month).

Anyway thank you.

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Good day, Alexey
I have a question about openweathermap. I cannot connect it to HA. With my key, only 20 objects fly into the openweahermap integration. Previously, I used it in Majodomo, there were a lot of them (predicted for 10 days with all indicators, and for the current day, well, very detailed … take a look at the screenshot)
How can I do this, in HA, in Tileboard?

well, or something like that
I do this,
summary: ‘&weather.openweathermap.state’,
temperature: ‘&sensor.openweathermap_temperature.state’,
temperatureUnit: ‘&sensor.openweathermap_temperature.attributes.unit_of_measurement’,
it does not pull up the data
there is data in HA in the integration. under this ID
here the data is not pulled up on it
Thank you!

There are two different tiles for weather in TileBoard: TYPES.WEATHER and TYPES.WEATHER_LIST. The later one is used to show forecast like so:


You can always use a small tile of the first one multiple times to recreate what you had in majordomo:


Here is the link to docs: TileBoard/TILE_EXAMPLES.md at 6c04534ad84b6862aa7d28c39737c76353d3c47c · resoai/TileBoard · GitHub

Thank you for your reply. I read it and tried it … the problem is that the config does not pull data from openweathermap

summary: ‘&weather.openweathermap.state’,
temperature: ‘&sensor.openweathermap_temperature.state’,

I do not have such IDs in the openweathermap integration. What should I substitute here?
where can I get them?

In HA I see data


You need to open developer tools in HA and see the names of states for respective entities. I am not using OWM so I don’t know what those are.

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OK. Thank you.
Hello everyone!
Guys, who are using openweathermap, how did you screw it to the tileboard?
In this this manual
mentions exactly openweathermap
But I did everything according to it, the data is not pulled up (see screenshot above post )
If you are using a different weather service and it is better, write which one, and how to implement it in the tileboard. I’ll try too. there is no binding to a specific weather service, I just need to implement it in the tileboard
thanks a lot in advance

As Alexey said, check the devtools view in Home Assistant to see if you have entities like weather.openweathermap. It might be called differently for you.

Thank you. Yes … translation difficulties!))
As I wrote above, I have such IDs
weather.openweathermap, there is also
sensor.openweathermap_temperature, and
sensor.openweathermap_humidity and others, 20 objects in total.
But, when I insert these IDs into the tileboard by this way

fields: {// most of that fields are optional
summary: ‘&sensor.openweathermap_weather’,
temperature: ‘&sensor.openweathermap_temperature’,

In my tileboard weather card, the data is not pulled up (see the screenshot above). And so I thought that I was entering something wrong into the script. I’ve tried almost everything already. And with " " and with ’ ’ and without, and with & and without, and in all combinations. Nothing worked. And that’s why I asked about the openweather module. Maybe the data needs to be received somehow differently, and not through the openweathermap integration

You are missing “.state”. Try:

summary: '&weather.openweathermap.state',
temperature: '&sensor.openweathermap_temperature.state',

Like in the example tile.

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Mind the quotes, do yo have a ' or a ’

Rafal and others! Many thanks!) This helped. I do not know how, but, at the beginning I tried it, I did not work out, and I threw this option with .state and began experimenting with unother settings.
Then immediately the next question, if I may))
As I wrote above, I received a subscription for 10 days forecasting with this my key in Majordomo, here I see only the current and forecast.( 20 objects in total ) Can I do something with this? How can I get a forecast for all 10 days? Everyone has such a this situation who uses Openwatnermap? Who and how came out of the situation?
Thank you again!

I figured it out. Thank you. I have used this instruction.
Now I will try to configure.

Is there a way with a TEXT_LIST to pass the list of items (rows) to the tile from a function? I’m trying to achieve two things by doing this:

  1. Remove sensors from a TEXT_LIST list when their values are outside a predefined range
  2. Sort the list based on the sensor values of those remaining

Any tips would be greatly appreciated!