TileBoard - New dashboard for Homeassistant



I use TYPE.CLIMATE to set temperature on my EQ3max thermostat. The problem is that when I manually set up temperature from HA dashboard i use “+” to set temperature at then it’s applied to thermostat - so far so good.

Using TileBoard when I press “+” the new (+1 degree) value is set on thermostat right away and it’s applied in around 2-3 seconds. In this time I’m not able to change temperature. So for instance when I’d like to set up temperature 5 degree higher then current value I have to press +1 degree button, wait for 2-3 seconds and then pres +1 once again. It’s pretty annoying.

Do you have any idea how to make it faster - for example set temperature and then applied in on entity? Maybe I’m missing something…


Looking for some help with my thermostat tiles. These were working until recently and I am not certain what changed. Code and screenshots showing warning are below. I appreciate any ideas.


                     position: [1,0],
                     id: "climate.main_floor",
                     type: TYPES.CLIMATE,
                     unit: 'F',
                     state: function (item, entity) {
                       return 'Current '
                         + entity.attributes.current_temperature
                         + entity.attributes.unit_of_measurement;

                       position: [1,1],
                       id: "climate.upstairs",
                       type: TYPES.CLIMATE,
                       unit: 'F',
                       state: function (item, entity) {
                         return 'Current '
                           + entity.attributes.current_temperature
                           + entity.attributes.unit_of_measurement;


Is there any way to display which ‘mode’ the house is in?

I don’t use scenes due to a technical difficulty with LightwaveRF devices, but I want to have say three ‘modes’ that I can put the house in. Day mode, evening mode and night mode.

I kinda do this at the moment with automation firing scripts for the lighting. but what I want to do is have the current ‘mode’ shown on my tileboard. say with 3 buttons that remain highlighted depending on which mode has been triggered / the house is in.

|I realise that this is a little more general configuration, but as I want to display it on tileboard, I guess it falls into this too.

Would love some pointers to get this working!



I have just downloaded the most recent files from GitHub and I’m having trouble accessing it.

I noticed that the new config.js file doesn’t have a password anymore?!? Is this an issue?!
This is the screen that I get?!?



Did you manage to resolve this? I have a similar issue. Think I need an authToken, but no idea how to do this?!?


Hi Martin,

It was a cache issue in Google Chrome…
Whenever I change something in the config.js I have to clear the cache and reload the page.


I don’t think this is something to do with TileBoard itself. All we do is send the command via API.


You could use INPUT_SELECT with one tile reflecting current mode


Yea I figured it out that it working as supposed to. The idea is that how to first setup temperature then send API request to HA.


Hey @resoai
I recently found beautiful concept graphics for Home Automation:

It’s kindof Google Material Design. I think that building such skin in the TileBoard shouldn’t be too hard, what do you think about it? Worth doing?


Looks very fresh. I’ll be more than happy to include it if anyone will take time to create it. Unfortunately with recent developments in my life I have little to no time to do anything.


I presume that climate component is no longer exposing unit_of_measurement in the attributes. You can simply replace it with ‘F’:

                     state: function (item, entity) {
                       return 'Current ' + entity.attributes.current_temperature + 'F';


Maybe a longshot, but…

Is anyone here using Fully Kiosk Browser on a Android tablet with TileBoard?
My tablet have been starting to flickering when showing TileBoard, no other site is flickering.

Anyone with a clue? :smiley:


I think the majority of us are using Fully. I have it running on four tablets and no issues at all. Are you sure its happening only in Fully?


I’m running it on two tablets: Nexus 7 (1st gen) and Fire HD 8 with no issues and I don’t think that flickering could be an issue of TileBoard.


It worked as a charm 3 weeks ago.
But it’s only TileBoard that is flickering in Fully… It’s very strange, I think it was when I set up the camera. But I removed it and it still flickering…



Only in Fully,

In Chrome it works.


I have the same issue with my Nest it would indeed be nice if it functioned this way.


Running on 2 Fire 7’s and 2 Fire 8’s no issues with flickering.


have you tried clearing Fully’s caches or maybe reinstalling?