TileBoard - New dashboard for Homeassistant


Have you found a solution for this? I have the same issue, trying to access




Since this thread is massive it´s very possible that this has been aswered before even though I tried to search for it.
I have a garage cover and how can I change the cover tile to use an icon for open and another for close instead of having the up, stop and down buttons on the tile? And pressing the tile should call a defined service?
The sensor tile would give me all of that except its not pushable. Or am I wrong?


You could use CUSTOM tile for that and icons: to display icon depending on on different state.


Thanks for the answer. I suspected that CUSTOM could be used but the documentation of it is not clear in this point. How would I construct and action to call a HA service?


You would need to do something like this:

action: function(item, entity) {
				type: 'call_service',
				domain: 'cover',
				service: 'open', // or 'close'
				service_data: {
				  entity_id:  item.id


On every browser I use on my Tablet Asus TF101 I get “Home Assistant Initializing” and no redirect to the login page!

This is my configuration:

 serverUrl: "",
 wsUrl: "ws://",
 passwordType: "MANUAL",
 password: "XXXXXX",

I even flashed a new ROM on the tablet (from 4.0.3 to 6.0) but I still get the same behaviour!
I really don’t know what to do!

Of course, from the desktop everything is working fine.


First of all password and passwordType are no longer used with new authentication. Secondly I’m afraid this is HA’s page that is showing it, not TileBoard so you might want to create a a relevant issue about it.


Thanks again for your rapid response. I will test it later today.


I would like create a tile TEXT_LIST but I need bigger font ONLY for this tile.
How can I make it?



Create a separate class in cutom.css and use it.


Hi All.

This dashboard looks extremely promising. To be honest, I’m still trying to familiarize myself with all the ins and outs here.

I’ve seen a lot mentioned throughout this thread about security considerations when an HA instance is exposed to the Internet.

Can someone give a quick summary of best practices for this situation? Is it OK to put the files in the www folder, or is that still not advisable?

Did the incorporation of the new auth system mitigate those concerns. Sorry for the noob question. And thanks for bearing with me.


where to put the TILE.md file?


How to have tiles appear in the frontend?
Sorry i am really at first time using tileboard.

  /* wsUrl: The URL to your HomeAssistant Websocket connection.
    * If HomeAssistant is behind SSL, replace ws:// with wss://

Why not take time and read the README and Wiki?


I would like to create a tile for each of my sonos speaker.
The tile should only have mute/unmute function.

In HA I see that I can use the service:

  "entity_id": "media_player.studio",

But I am not sure how to achieve this in TileB.



You can either create a template switch in HA which will toggle mute or use CUSTOM tile and send raw API requests to HA.


Sorry @resoai ,
creating a switch inside HA is clear but I can’t understand how to update the state of the Custom Tile: I can send the command with an “Api.send” but after that?


      state: function (item, entity) {
         return entity.attributes.is_volume_muted ? 'Muted' : 'Not muted';


Remember that you can reference (almost) anything from (almost) anywhere and use anonymous functions which with a bit of JS knowledge will allow you to do (almost) anything :slight_smile:


Thank @resoai, time is come to learn another language! :sunglasses: