TileBoard - New dashboard for Homeassistant


Why not use a door entry tile ?



Hi all … I am using my own domain, and HTTPS using Caddy on my hassio install, trying to get TileBoard up and running … I am using wss in my config.js file as you can see here:

serverUrl: "https://hassio.MyDomain.com",
   wsUrl: "wss://hassio.MyDomain.com/api/websocket",
   password: "MY_PASSWORD",

But when loading https://hassio.MyDomain.com/local/tileboard/index.html I still get the following error:

JS error
Uncaught SecurityError: Failed to construct 'WebSocket': An insecure WebSocket connection may not be initiated from a page loaded over HTTPS.
File: https://hassio.MyDomain.com/local/tileboard/scripts/models/api.js
Line: 153:21

This seems to be an issue only i Google Chrome … Can someone help? :slight_smile:


google chrome employs some of the stricter ssl policies. My guess would be that your cert may not adhere to all of chromes restrictions. The dns name must be in the SAN of the cert and some other restrictions unique to chrome at this time. Have you tried importing your cert into chrome as a trusted cert?


In chrome, have you tried going to chrome://flags/#allow-insecure-localhost and setting it to enable?


+1 for that new light type. But it doesn’t scale down for me. I’m using tilesize 86


i’m using tileSize: 59 and height: 2, width: 5 for mylight


Is it possible to make the screensaver refresh the bg?

If I use this for example I need to refresh the website manually for it to pick another picture:
bg: ‘images/screensaver/’ + Math.floor((Math.random()*1263)+1) + “.jpg”


Why? Screensaver expects array of images,

screensaver: {
     /* timeout: Idle time (in seconds) before the screensaver will show */
     timeout: 300,

     /* slidesTimeout: Amount of time (in seconds) to show each slide */
     slidesTimeout: 10,
     styles: { fontSize: '40px' },
     /* read more in wiki */
     leftBottom: [{ type: SCREENSAVER_ITEMS.DATETIME }],

     /* slides: Array of paths to pictures. */
     slides: [
       {bg: 'images/bg1.jpeg'},
       {bg: 'images/bg2.png'},
       {bg: 'images/bg3.png'}


I want it to show all my photos and in random order. If I put my 1000 photos in an array my tablet crashes, don’t know why.


You can manipulate slides array by changing one or two images randomly.


Merci @lolorc


Just starting and having trouble here.
Using Hassio 0.81.5.
Made the tileboard folder under the www folder. Changed config.example.js to config.js. Do I need to restart HA every time I make a change to the config.js or no?
Now do I need to change the localhost in the URL? I wouldn’t think so since I’m using hassio and the files are all on the same device, but I get an error that localhost refused to connect even though I’m putting the IP address of the Pi I’m running hassio on.

Any help would be appreciated.


You need to change both serverUrl and wsUrl.


Awesome dashboard started using it yesterday.

A couple questions since my JS & CS skills aren’t the best.

  • how do I increase the font size for the title of each tile? Can I do this globally somewhere?
  • in my climate title, is there a way to capitalize the first letter of the operation mode (off, cool, heat, etc) similar to the capitalize function in python?


Ok so I guess it is my fault for not checking into it enough, but it is only chrome that won’t work fully and gives this error. IE says initializing forever, but firefox and edge both work fine.
Strange. I tried ctrl+F5 in chrome, but no change.
Anyone have any clue why I can’t get to tileboard using chrome on multiple win 10 machines?


Starting to play with tileboard and totally love it. Great work!
I’m trying to do a list of my Windows and door to show if they are opened or closed. The issue I have is that I’m using konnected and instead of using open or close as the state of the sensors, it uses On or Off. Is there a way I can make my Text List but changing the On/Off value by Open or Close? Also, is there a way to make the icon change depending of the value? Like an opened door or a closed door?
Thanks a lot!


Awesome @resoai. Thanks again for sharing.

It’s up and running on a Raspberry Pi 7´ screen and was wondering whether the slide bar on the media tile could be replaced by the standard + / - buttons instead as I find it hard to precisely adjust the volume using the slide bar.



hello, congrats for your beautiful and hard job.

I’m trying to install it on my hassio instance, i’m using duckdns and ssl.

I’m gettin this error when opens:

    SecurityError: The operation is insecure.
File: https://mysite.duckdns.org:8123/local/tileboard/scripts/models/api.js
Line: 153:0

on that file in that line i have:

this.socket = new WebSocket(this._url);

i’m using firefox cos the cache on my chrome and safari don’t let me ingress on the “fixed” config.js for now.

Thanks in advance!


Does this help?

				position: [2, 0],
				title: 'Vindue mod syd',
				subtitle: 'Stor stue',					
				id: 'binary_sensor.door_window_sensor_158d00020439b8',
				states: {on: "Åben", 	off: "Lukket"},
				icons: {on: 'mdi-window-open', off: 'mdi-window-closed'}