TileBoard - New dashboard for Homeassistant


Sure, you can setup any number of Scene tiles to do anything you want them to do.


Iam using the climate tile, and at the bottom, it shows the entity id, (natatmo_Entre) and I can’t change the Entity id, so is it possible to remove the id from the tile, and write, it manually, ?



Just add a line to your tile config with title:

title: 'Netatmo Weather',

and it will override your entity name


Thanks, have tried it, and I went wrong, cause I forgot the comma at the end… stupid…


Except I don’t think it would be a scene tile? It’s more of a turn the brightness up or down. Even when the current brightness is 10% - pressing the button will increase by another 10% and the other one decrease.

This should work for when the brightness is any other value - like 50%


If this doesn’t already work when you long press your tile, your light most likely doesn’t support this functionality for it to work. If it did support it, you could long press the tile and there would be a brightness slider already there.

The second tile is after long pressing the first:
image image

And the plus & minus (+ -) located on the right already do this btw.


Yes, that works but would like individual tiles for increasing / lowering brightness


Did you ever get this up and running or is ios 5.1 just to old for this? I have a ipad 1 that is just collecting dust atm.


Maybe this example can give you some inspiration. In my living room I have 5 scene for controlling the light. In the tile board I wanted to see, which scene is the active one. To do this, I created a input_boolean for each sceene. When a tile for a sceene is activated I update the input_booleans accordingly.
In the Tile definition I have a custom style, which change the opacity
customStyles: function(item, entity){
return {
‘opacity’: this.states[‘input_boolean.storstuescene0’].state === ‘off’ ? ‘0.4’ : ‘1’

The result look like this
The scene 1 iw active.


Sounds like a lot of work just to show the state of a scene, but I like the way you did it and I think it might be the only decent way to do that.


You could try to do that with a custom button and then do a service call.


Yes it took some work. I realized the easiest way to update the input_boolean is to make them part of the sceene


  • name: storstue1
    state: on
    brightness: 18
    color_temp: 450
    state: on
    brightness: 80
    color_temp: 450
    state: on
    brightness: 80
    state: on
    brightness: 80
    state: on
    brightness: 80
    state: on
    brightness: 100
    state: off
    state: off
    state: off
    state: on
    state: off
    state: off
    state: off


I have trouble getting “event” to work… have copy/pasted from https://github.com/resoai/TileBoard#events
to my config file… (toast notification is working)
iam using fully as browser

iam using the “fire event” card in node red, as it works with notifications
and sending eg:

    "command": "screen_off"


    "command": "open_page",
    "page": "2"

Nothing is happening… (when I fire open_page, the highlight around the actual page dissapears but, it does not change page) any idea?


Do you have an example?

And @Torbenan - this looks good. Do you have the code? I am not fully understanding how this is setup :blush:

Ultimately - trying to get something like this:


First of all 2 must not be a string but an integeger since it is used an an index for pages array, and secondly, did you define the event handling function? Do you have page with index 2 (which is page 3)?


i have a page with id 2

 title: 'Second-page',
 id: '2',
 bg: 'images/bg2.png',
 icon: 'mdi-numeric-2-box-outline',
 groups: [

Is that correct?

Can you give an example on what the fire event should look like? how to change the “2” to an “integeger” ?


You can do the dimming buttons with custom tiles. I just wrote this action function off the top of my head so it probably isn’t fully copy/paste worthy, but should get you close.

    position: [0, 1],
    type: TYPES.CUSTOM,
    width: 0.5,
    height: 0.5,
    title: "Dim",
    id: "light.nursery_lamp",
    icon: "mdi-lamp",
    classes: ["mini"],
    state: false,
    customStyles: {
      "background-color": "#4d004d"
    action: function(item, entity) {
      brightness = entity.attributes["brightness"] - 10;
      if (brightness < 0) { brightness = 5; }
        type: "call_service",
        domain: "light",
        service: "turn_on",
        service_data: {
          entity_id: "light.nursery_lamp",
          brightness: brightness

edit: just re-read saw that you want it to adjust the brightness of ALL lights that are on. That would be a lot more tricky and probably require some scripts in HA or possibly looping through this.states in the action function to check for what lights are on, getting their brightness, and adjusting it accordingly


The correct way to call API is via


rather than via



Have tried integer instead of string, still don’t work, iam pretty sure, that the call goes trough to tileboard, but something is wrong, have tried renamed the id: og the page to “second” and the called “page”: “second” but still noting is happening…

my events:

   events: [
         command: 'notify',
         action: function(e) {
         command: 'open_page',
         action: function(e) {

My page:

     title: 'Second-page',
     id: 'second',
     bg: 'images/bg2.png',
     icon: 'mdi-numeric-2-box-outline',

My fire call: (to tileboard)

    "command": "open_page",
    "page": "second"


No, forget the “id”.

"page": 1

Page 1 = Index 0, Page 2 = Index 1 etc