TileCard - displayed Information

Hi, with the Update to 2023.11 the tile card got some improvements for the “secondary information”…
It can now display different information.

I have one specific case, where I noticed the following:


The Tile Card is by default showing the information “Last Year” - the same applies for the Entities Card.
If I extend the Tile Card to show the Value, it does show 1,670,260,695 - the same for the Entity Card, does show a very specific Date.

I would love to get the same information on the TileCard.

See: Add other entity sensors to state_content on a tile - #3 by Nerwyn

Thanks, Tom.
Using Card-Mod would be one solution, but having such options by default in the tile card, would also be very nice :slight_smile:

I will see, if I can do it with card_mod… and then, update here.


type: tile
entity: sensor.oilfox_ofxxx_nextmeasurement
    ha-tile-info$: |
      .secondary:after {
        visibility: visible;
        content: " - {{ as_timestamp(states('sensor.oilfox_ofxxx_nextmeasurement')) | timestamp_custom('%d. %B %Y, %H:%M') }}";


The Card-Mod option does lack the feature to use translations, but it is working.

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