Time after trigger following a restart

I have a simple time based trigger that switches a light on

automation aw:
alias: “Turn on Zone1 after 9:35am”
platform: time
after: ‘09:35:00’
service: switch.turn_on
entity_id: switch.Zone1

it works fine if HA is running whilst the clock ticks over 09:35:00, but if i restart HA at lets say 10:00:00 the trigger does not activate.

Can someone explain why time based triggers don’t work after the event and what i need to-do to solve it .?

|You maybe able to solve it with the trigger as a condition and make the trigger a minute check … something like this. …

     - platform: time
       minutes: '/1'
       seconds: 0
     - condition: time
       after: '09:35:00'

This not checked but you get the idea.

thanks, i’ll give it a go