Time automation triggers on resart

Hi all,
I have an automation that behaves a bit unwanted here and I wonder if I am doing something wrong.

The automation is executing a scene which turns on certain lights and the central heating.
I have set up the automation to be triggered at 7:01 in the morning and in general it works.

However it also gets executed, when HA restarts and obviously this is unwanted.

Is it normal that time based automations get executed on restart??

Thanks and regards,


Post your automation (correctly formatted).

Hi tom_I,
thanks for the reply.

I set up the automation in the gui but this is what the code looks like:

- id: '1643530927314'
  alias: Morgen_scene_ausloesen
  description: ''
        - platform: time
         at: 07:02:00
       - platform: homeassistant
    event: start
  condition: []
  - scene: scene.morgen
  mode: single



I hope the formatting worked. It looks good in the preview…

Disregarding the indentation errors I would say that:

Is Home Assistant start event.
If you did not want it to trigger when Home Assistant starts then this should not be there.

Hi Hellis81,
This, admittedly, was plain obvious. I was under the impression that a new line popped up once I had added the time trigger and I guess this might have confused me and I thought that I had to fill that one in.

In any case i have removed the home assistant entry and now it does not trigger anymore upon restart.

Thanks for the quick help with this.