Time based Sun Integration automations not triggering reliably

HI all - first post - I have just started using HA - Old Mac mini is the hardware platform running on a Virtual Box VM - also running Mosquito Broker on same VM. I am getting no timing consistency on my very basic automations. CPU utilisation around 15%. All interactions through the front end are quick - devices are Sonoff/Shelley/Phillips Hue/Ring/Ecobee/Flume/Airthings and a few others.

I used the Sun integration for Sunset/Sunrise to trigger a few devices and some Fixed time Automations to switch some devices on/off. The issue is there is no consistency - when I look at the automation traces they trigger all over the place but always late. Any ideas as to what could be causing this? My initial thought was Hardware constraints but I am not seeing anything obvious. Is there a scan time that can be set for automation triggers to evaluate conditions.

I would appreciate any suggestions

Have a read of this topic:

The important bit:

HA OS VBox VM Paravirtualization Interface set to Legacy (as opposed to Default, which was the original setting):

Thanks I will check that link out

This seems to have worked - will monitor for a few days - but looks like it solved the problem - thank you

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Unfortunately worked for a day and then started drifting again. Very frustrating- any other ideas.