Time controlled lights with brightness Triggered by Motion

Hello All,

I’m new to home assistant. I am not an IT guy nor do I know the programming language.

I have 2 hallway lights controlled by a motion sensor working perfectly.

The issue I need help with is to control the brightness of the above light by time, how do I do that on home assistant.

9am to 8pm (full brightness)
8pm to 10pm (30% brightness)
10pm to 9am (10% brightness)

Any suggestion would help.

Thank you.

2 lights are smart lights with warm colour/brightness option and controlled by ConBee II over Zigbee

Create an automation using Time triggers at 09:00, 20:00 and 22:00. Give each trigger a trigger id. Give taht automation a Choose action, that takes the trigger id into account.

Accomplishing this is very easy using the automation editor from the UI.

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Thank you, So do I create a new automation with these values?

but confused with the ‘Choose’ under action. what options should I select here? Screenshot 2022-01-10 at 14.49.23|508x499

Per option:

  • Condition type: “Trigger”
    Trigger ID: trigger id as defined in the “trigger” section
  • Action type: “Device”
    Device: your smart light’s device
    Brightness: Mapped brightness value to percent (my smart bulbs are at 255 when 100%, so 10% would be 25)

For some of that, have a look at Adaptive lighting, It automatically manages the brightness and colour temperature according to the sun elevation.

Nothing against Adaptive Lightning, but “I’m new to home assistant” IMHO does not correlate to installing a custom component from Github …

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Thanks a million, I got this configured !!