Time Date command displays UTC not local in Lovelace- yet Raspian returns correctly

Hi, I’m using Raspian and docker installation of Home Assistant Version 0.107.7. Ever since installing it, my Lovelace panel displays UTC time.

In my configuration file I’ve been using command line to get the date as a sensor:

  - platform: command_line
    name: get_time_date
    command: date "+ %I:%M %p";echo;date "+%b-%d-%Y"

It was working great. If I login to the raspberry and type the same command, it returns the correct time and date.

I’ve been looking for what the issue is and if others have had it but come up empty. So sorry if this is documented somewhere and I missed it, but it’s driving me crazy trying to fix it.

All suggestions welcome.

So no one else has seen this problem?

I have a sensor card in Lovelace that displays the entity ‘get_time_date’ (see my post above.)When I execute this command using an ssh shell, it returns my local timezone time and date. Lovelace is reporting it as UTC or 4 hours ahead. If the command works correctly, why does it not display the local timezone in lovelace?It was working correctly up until a few weeks ago then I noticed the time was wrong. Yet Raspian reports it correctly.
I expected to find that Raspian lost it’s timezone settings, but no - all that works. Just Lovelace seems to be reporting it as UTC.

Any ideas why?