Time, date, location based lovelace

Hi there,
I’ve did some search on this but I couldn’t find any information. Maybe I don’t have the correct keywords…

TL;DR : would be nice to get some services to control the frontend behaviour. Set different default dashboard with automation !

My idea is simple, during the day we don’t want the same thing from our home automation system. During the day when I’m in the office if I start home assistant application on my mobile phone i want a quick glance at my home status (temperatures, open doors and windows, any light on ?). But most of the time I don’t need any control.

When I’m home I use home assistant for controlling light scenes or any connected stuff.

Then I was looking for a solution to achieve this goal : having a time or location based lovelace dashboard. But there’s no such core feature. It would be nice to get some services to set different default dashboard or get some cards with time date condition.

If you know a way to achieve this, please let me know !

I hope this is readable, English is not my cup of tea :wink:

Edit : custom header could help on this I already use it but I think it should be something included in core. HA can automate quite everything but not it’s own frontend ! And Custom Header can only do this on a lovelace view, best would be even on cards order !