Time Details on Map History View

I would like to see a detailed view on clicking the history map points. Something that would give you exact times for hovering over and selecting each point in the history card so that you could see what time each point was at.

I believe this has been brought up before, but the last post I see on it was about 2 years ago, so hoping to revive interest in the topic.

I’ve attempted to implement this feature, submitted a pull request:

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Awesome thank you!

Would it be too hard to add an option to have it calculate time stayed at the location? For example, “Duration: 4 hrs 22 min” etc. Would probably just be a simple subtraction feature from the next point in line, though adding that to code is not my expertise.

Glad to hear that you enjoy it, thanks.

As for that option for duration, I don’t think it is “hard”, but it’s not something that I would personally decide to do, I don’t have much interest in that as a feature. I don’t think it adds that much information, and it would add yet more processing required that has to be done for each point on the map, which may be thousands of points depending on how active devices report and how long of a trail is shown. Since the tooltip has to be computed for each map point as part of the rendering of the overall map, I would ideally keep it as minimal as possible.

Though of course I don’t own the card, and if anyone else wants to try their luck with a PR to change, and can convince the maintainers, they are more than welcome to try.