Time distribution in KNX bus

Hi everybody!. I’m new in this amazing world of home automation and this is my first question in this forum. I’ve got a simple KNX installation (ZoningBOX 6, Square TMD-Display and KNX-IP Interface, all from ZENNIO) and I kind of managed how to install and configure Home Assistant. Now I can control the air conditioner, activate zones and open and close the grills. My question is: Can I send the time from ntp to my appliances? I’ve read I must have an address but I cannot figure out how to send time information to that address from HA.

With the new implementation this is possible, configure xknx as follows:

    config_file: xknx.yaml

Place a xknx.yaml in the same directory, containing the following node:

        General.Time: {group_address: '0/0/1'}

Thank you for your effort! I appreciate your work and I’m very grateful. Your library has made my day!.
I’ve modified my configuration.yaml according with the instructions in XKNX Object - XKNX and KNX - Home Assistant and it worked like a charm. On the dark side my knx installation only has defined “confort” and “night” mode and it doesn’t understand “standby”, because there is another GA to turn on and off the zone. I bypassed it with a switch and now I can turn the zone on and off.
On the other hand I cannot set the temperature. The log says:

sep 12 21:07:54 server hass[26081]: INFO:homeassistant.core:Bus:Handling <Event call_service[L]: service=set_temperature, service_call_id=140551268358016-10, service_data=temperature=24, entity_id=climate.ppalclimate, domain=climate>
sep 12 21:07:54 server hass[26081]: WARNING:xknx.log:Could not set new target temperature - setpoint temperature not determined
sep 12 21:07:54 server hass[26081]: INFO:homeassistant.core:Bus:Handling <Event service_executed[L]: service_call_id=140551268358016-10>

Maybe I’ve used a wrong GA, I’m working on it.

Hi Henry,

happy to hear that the setup is working!

yes, the HVAC/Climate device definitely needs some more thinking. There is a long discussion going on within this ticket: https://github.com/XKNX/xknx/issues/48



If i use this, how often will it be sent to the bus? Or do I need an automation script as well?