Time drift

I’m running HASSIO 2021.10.6 (via Virtualisation Station on a QNAP NAS).

I’ve noticed the time is drifting a bit though - for example currently reporting as 22:55:12 when it’s actually 23:02:10. Date and timezone (BST) are showing fine. System time on the QNAP NAS is correct.

I’ve tried the usual systemctl commands to check NTP status via the Terminal add-on but they don’t seem to be recognised.

Should HASSIO be checking in with an NTP server to keep the time synced or getting it from the host machine running the VM? Anything I can set in the configuration to keep it updated?

I’ve recently noticed the same issue. My automations are just a bit off from my watch or mobile devices. A quick look just now reveals that my HA time is 1m 5s behind my Mac time. Im running HA on a RPi4 and I assume thats where it gets its time from. I agree, either the PI or HA should synch time with a time server periodically to keep everything perfectly timed.

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It does. If you are not seeing this then something on your network or VM setup is blocking the NTP protocol.

the underying system should be if there isn’t a RTC installed that it’s relying on.

Outbound connections should be fine - I can certainly ping things fine and haven’t experienced any other problems. Is there a way to check NTP status? As I say if I try sudo systemctl status systemd-timesyncd.service as I usually would it doesn’t recognise the systemctl command

yep the underlying system is and time looks fine on it