Time of day and nzdt

Anyone aware of anything with the times of day sensors and daylight savings? I have a binary sensor that until today switches at 22:00 each night. Today it was 23:00 as we’ve just gone nzdt overnight.

- platform: tod
  after: "22:00"
  before: "23:00"

I see in the home assistant settings that it says +13:00

And the host and container are both reporting the right time.

david@melkor:~$  $ date
Sun Sep 25 23:08:58 NZDT 2022
david@melkor:~$  $ docker exec -it homeassistant bash
bash-5.1# date
Sun Sep 25 23:09:12 NZDT 2022

I’m on home assistant 2022.8.6. Running as docker container

Even the scene. That trigger upon this binary sensor (normally 22:00) is reporting today it fired at 23:00. At 23:00 there is another time of day for night

Has the PC that you are running the web browser to view these times moved to the correct daylight savings time?

All times are displayed based on your web browser’s time zone. This is really annoying when travelling.

I’m on an iPad, and yes.

I have another tod sensor for 5am, and it’s scene triggered at 6am.

This looks like a related issue: TOD (Times Of the Day) is not working correctly after daylight saving · Issue #48460 · home-assistant/core · GitHub