Time on setting

I am clearly getting something wrong. I am trying to achieve the following:
At 7am and David’s S21 is at Home - If Av amp is Off - Then turn it on.
What actually happens is it turns on whatever time I enter Home zone.
Heres GUI


From your description, the S21 being home should be a condition not a trigger. As you have it, the Amp will turn on every morning whether you are home or not. FWIW, it is usually better to construct presence-related triggers and condition on a Person entity instead of individual devices.

Add the time as a condition instead of a trigger.

Thanks will give both a try.

@Didgeridrew that all seems to work so thank both you and @tom_l .
Out of interest I only ever use the Device home/away, etc and all seems to work fine until this one.
What would the person as an Entity look like in the setup and would it be used in the “state”?

The issue with your automation was not that you are using a device tracker instead of a Person entity. It seems like the issue was just a minor misunderstanding of the difference between triggers and conditions.

There’s nothing wrong with using the individual device trackers if that’s the way you want to do it and that single tracker is reliable for you. Using the person entity can make presence tracking more reliable because you can combine multiple trackers into a single entity. It also reduces the amount of code/automation maintenance you need to do if you get a new phone because you just add the new phone to your person instead of every automation that uses the phone for presence detection.

The only difference when using the Automation editor would be that you would use the dropdown menu to select “State” as the condition type instead of Device, then select the desired person. You would still use “home” as the state.

Tigger: Time 07:00:00
Condition: person.david - home
Action: if Av Amp is off turn it on

It is not entirely clear what you want to achieve. If you enter the home zone precisely at 07:00 or if you are at home at 07:00?

Then he needs to enter the zone at 07:00:00 (unlikely)

Yes, it should (I guess) be related to if he is home or not_home not entering a zone

Its ALREADY being in that zone at that time NOT entering it.

Yes I understand the concept and it makes absolute sense for the reasons you stated. However When I go to State then select me as a person I am offered drop down fields for Attribute that appear irrevant. Then State (Home selected in the case), then Time “for” which I guess is irrelevant.

Appreciate advice.

attribute: is an optional field (denoted by the lack of ‘*’), leave it blank whenever you are interested in the state of the entity.

for: is an optional field, leave it all zeros if you are only interested in the fact that the entity is currently in the desired state.

Thanks so much. Clear now. appreciate advice and way forward.

Well, it was not clear. You have your answer above.

Apologies - just reading that back - that did not come over as I meant it - many thanks for your advice.