Time_pattern 'minutes: /1' executes every 2-3 minutes

I have a Hassio running inside a VM (managed by VirtualBox). I created a time_pattern to run automation every minute:

  - platform: time_pattern
    minutes: /1

but it gets executed every 2-3 minutes.

#### January 23, 2021
Has been triggered by time pattern 8:34:56 PM - 22 seconds ago
Has been triggered by time pattern 8:32:41 PM - 3 minutes ago
Has been triggered by time pattern 8:30:39 PM - 5 minutes ago
Has been triggered by time pattern 8:28:05 PM - 7 minutes ago

Any ideas what is going on? Load inside the VM is below 0.5 and memory is at 75% free capacity.

Are you using yaml to define this or the UI?

You have to specify the other time pattern fields as * in the UI.

I checked both, but it doesn’t matter since the UI is only GUI to edit the yaml configuration. IMO both minutes: /1 as well hours: * minutes: * seconds: 0 should have the same effect. I also noticed that inject and cronplus nodes in node red are affected as well.

The documents specifically say:

You can specify * to match any value (when using the web interface this is required, the fields cannot be left empty

What can I say, empty fields work ¯_(ツ)_/¯ (but it doesn’t matter since I’m using yaml either way).

I think it may be an issue with timeclock sync between a Mac and VM running inside it. In that case I will have to move to another machine :confused: