Time pattern trigger using Cron expression

Automation time pattern triggers should use Cron expression. At least standard Cron expression (cron - Wikipedia) and maybe some non-standard characters (cron - Wikipedia).


This feature will provide more flexibility in triggers. The documentation could refer to the Cron documentation. A simple search with your favourite search engine could help you to find the right syntax. It could also simplify implementation in the core, just by using Cron directly.

This feature will massively reduce complexity in my automation time pattern triggers.

This feature could also fulfill this request

Home automation should be state or event driven, time pattern or even cron based is just bad and rarely useful.
Post a question about your automation instead and someone might be able to help you with it instead.

Time pattern is already used in HA and the current pattern syntax could be easily improved.
State driven automation are not always possible.

I mad this feature request especialy because i had to create some over complex triggers to fullfill something that could be done way more easily with a time pattern base on Cron expression.
The current pattern syntax is similar to Cron syntax, but way more restrited.

please search before creating feature requests. Thank you.