Time sensor last send

May be that question was asked before but searching for hours did not give me a solution. I have a DHT22 Sensor read by a ESP8266 NodeMCU power by battery and solar cell, send its data every 10 minutes to a MQTT broker read by HA and display this on the panel, working fine. As solar powered the may the battery will go down in case of not enough light etc. and I won’t receive updated values. My configuration ist taken from the MQTT examples of HA. To see how actuell the displayed values are I would schow the time last vales are received to.
Has anyone a solution for this. I am just a beginner in HA and would appreciate any help or hints.

Open the detail state card of the sensor and it will show 7 seconds ago which indicates when the last update took place.

Thank you for quick response, yes that is a solution I didn’t realize till now.
But it is quit annoying open details to check sensor is working. I would like to seeing it at once when i open HA in PC or Smartphone. In the feature I like to extend this in sending a warning via email or SMS when there are no more values received in more than 30 minutes i.e. It would als be possible to check battery state but thats only half the deal, if battery is too low, not battery level or DHT22 values are send,
So your solution would only be a temporary solution for me.


For the frontend you could use https://github.com/andrey-git/home-assistant-custom-ui to enable the last-changed text.