Time to ditch Wyze?

EDIT: I just realized this might not be the right place for this…I’ve been using HA for a couple years, but am fairly new to navigating the forums and figuring out where to ask the right questions. Anyway, I realized there is a separate discussion on the github site for the Wyze integration, and this problem is being discussed there.

I have two Wyze smart plugs that I have been using for a couple years with no problems. After Wyze forced the use of the API key, I set that up and it has been working fine, until about a month ago. The problem was that HA couldn’t authenticate when connecting to Wyze. So, I removed and reinstalled the integration, putting in the email, password, API key, and Key ID. Everything started working again for a week or so, then I noticed the Wyze integration was broken again. I had been doing some other HA work at the time and rebooting the system a lot, so I though maybe HA was losing the API key during reboots. I re-setup the Wyze integration and everything was working again, but since then it has failed two more times, not associated with reboots. It appears HA is randomly forgetting the API key?? I am able to get it working again quickly by clicking the “Add Entry” link on the integration page, instead of removing/reinstalling the integration, but having the plugs go offline randomly is not acceptable.

Is anyone else experiencing this? I’m confused about how to determine where the problem is. Is the problem with the Wyze integration or is it a problem with the Wyze servers?

As always, any suggestions are appreciated.

No harm in discussing here, just don’t expect any developers to read this post.

In case this can help anyone else running into this authentication problem with their Wyze integration, the following discussion on GitHub has a fix/workaround that seems to be working. It involves editing some python files in the integration folder. Hopefully this proves to be a long term fix and can be rolled into an update to the integration.

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Anybody else still having problems with this? I need to delete and re-configure the Wyze API integration every other day. I’ve understood by the github linked above the the problem is token refresh, but how to fix?