Time to upgrade from original Wink hub

I’m staring my HA project. I own a Wink Hub which drives about 10 Cree lightbulbs and 6 Caseta dimmers.

I just installed Caseta non dimmer switches not compatible with the original Wink Hub. Would I be better off getting the Wink hub 2, or the Lutron Bridge, so I can control all my devices? I don’t mind putting some effort into rpi shields if that means I lose the hub, but I’m not having luck learning where the point is I can lose the hubs.


With the shaky nature of wink, I’d suggest more local options.

The Lutron Bridge only has the clear connect protocol not zigbee. You won’t be able to connect your bulbs.

The wink 2 would connect with both.

@Literoya Thank you for the feedback. It is possible to forgo the wink hub and use zigbee, zwave and BLE radios instead? Or do you typically need to keep the hub?

Wink got a partnership with Lutron and has the Lutron radio built in. No one else has that radio so you will need a wink hub or the Lutron Bridge. Lutron’s radio is proprietary. I didn’t have Lutron but I think you might have to buy the Lutron Pro bridge but someone else would be better to answer that.

For anything zigbee, you can use anything that has a zigbee radio: USB dongle, Hubitat, smartthings, etc. The Cree lights can work with any zigbee radio.

FWIW… I committed to HA… I got rid of my Wink entirely… I’m gonna go Shelly1 and Zwave entirely!

I’m committed to the Lutron products…just installed 8 switches. How difficult is it to get the cree bulbs online if I just went with the Lutron Bridge for the Clear Connect Radio?

I’m also considering just buying the Wink Hub 2 and then give it away later if I decide I don’t need it anymore…I can always pick up the Lutron bridge in a kit and replace the garage light switch.