Time trigger automation vs. IFTTT time trigger?

I currently have several timed automatons (something happening on a given hour / X time after sunset etc)

  • Does this effect performance in any way?
  • Might this contribute to slow stop / restart times?

I am contemplating moving the trigger outside HA - so IFTTT would call the URL API for triggering the same automation (or rather a script) at a given time (but this time the responsibility and process for the trigger would be on IFTTT.COM)

Pro’s and con’s?

What do you think?

Literally just did the opposite. :slight_smile:


I am trying to remove dependencies on external stuff when possible. All the tools are in HA.

Why? Where did ifttt time automation failed you ?

Maybe you can give some feedback on any effect on performance that may occur now after the change?

On a personal note,
I follow your customization daily @CCOSTAN :wink: really appreciate the feedback !

HI @Amir974,

Thanks for following my Repo. :slight_smile: I love working with it and do try to update it daily! :slight_smile:

For the IFTTT stuff, It didn’t exactly fail me per say but it sometimes had a few minute delay on triggers (especially from voice triggers from alexa). Moving the triggers local with the emulated hue made the process lightning quick. I tell alexa to turn on mealtime (rather than trigger mealtime) and the lights in the kitchen and dinette immediately spring to life. it’s very fast and reliable.

Plus having them all in the HASS architecture just made it easier for me to make massive sweeping changes to phrases and such when necessary.

I don’t think there is a wrong answer but I tend to lean to using the tools I have full control over if possible.

That said, those triggers STARTED in IFTTT because that was way easier than installing HAASKA for me. But Emulated_hue changed all that so back local they came.


On a performance note, I run HASS on a RPI3 standard. I plan to just keep building automations and adding devices until it stops letting me (or my wife does). :slight_smile: @balloob is confident the system will hold up. They had a GREAT christmas time stress test with @bruhautomation’s internet connected tree. 10’s of Thousands of connections. So just keep building and building.

The system works wonderfully. I have 63 lights right now and am adding in my second HUE hub. What feels like tons of automations and listeners… and it just works great. :slight_smile:

I also have RPI3 with Alexa and moving from IFTTT to HA automation was one of the first things I did when I came aboard the platfrom :slight_smile:

I have no doubt that HA can carry as many devices as I expect to have in the near future BUT my focus is specifically time driven automation - my concern is that the “listener” or how ever you regard the trigger for this particular platform is taxing HA more than others

I don’t know if that is the cause for my STOP / RESTART commands to hang for a good minute or two or even three at times - while the system is handling these expected triggers.

Therefor I was thinking moving ONLY the automation that occur in specific hours throughout the day may be a smart thing to do… I don’t mind a short lag on these actions and I’d expect that to reduce the lag on stop / restart.

This was something I wondered about as well. The amount of listeners out there but I have come to the unscientific conclusion that the listeners will not significantly impact the RPI performance. So I am putting as much Automation into play as I can think of. :slight_smile: