Time Trigger

Can’t get specific time trigger to work. Made simple routine below to test, still will not trigger.
Time Zone set Correctly.
I set “at” time a few minutes in future, restart HA and wait. Never triggers.

What am I doing wrong?

  • id: abc
    alias: ‘Test Trigger using Persistent Notification’
    platform: time
    at: ‘14:35:00’
    • service: persistent_notification.create
      message: “Trigger Action”
      title: “Notification”

Can you post the config while maintaining formatting (see blue bar at the top)

Any errors in the log?

Also set initial state to on, the automation won’t work if the automation itself is off.

If there are no errors in the log and the automation is actually on, use the developer tools->templates window and add this line


make sure that the time printed out is correct.


platform: time
at: '14:35:00’

- platform: time
at: ‘14:35’
seconds: 00

To close issue. I have figured it out.

For the record, I spent hours trying to figure this stupid issue out. Obsessing on spaces, format… KISS!

Despite the fact that the Windows host for HA is configured to automatically obtain time from time.nist.gov, I just noticed that the machine time is off 12 hours.

19:38:00 will never work when the host thinks it is 7:38:00 AM.


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I think you just saved me hours. Thank you for replying with the solution!