Time triggered automation failing

I am new to Home Assistant and cannot for the life of me figure out why my automation is not running. I have an automation triggered at 8:00pm everyday to activate a scene. The scene has 2 lamps set to a certain brightness.
I can activate the scene manually, but not via the automation. When I attempt to use the automation, the logbook shows the following.

It looks like the automation is running but the scene goes unavailable. The lamps never turn on.

I am also somewhat new to HA, but in my very limited experience Scenes don’t seem to work consistently. I had a series of automations that called scenes, and some of them would partially work, others wouldn’t work at all, and some worked. And then they would shuffle and change working states. I finally just created a bunch of scripts to set things the way I had them in scenes and called the scripts from the automation. No problems since.

As a test, you might try putting the two lamp devices directly in the automation to set them and see if you get different results.

Thanks for the input Kyle. I will get this tested out. Curious thing, it looks like my time zone was set incorrectly. So my automation ran 4 hours late…